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Mentoring Method™ is the world’s first ‘Learning and Mentoring Management System’ (“LMMS”). Our technology leverages diversity and inclusion to meet performance and business objectives for companies of all sizes.

Mentoring Method's proprietary formula combines online leadership development training with inclusive group mentoring support. This structure develops critical leadership skills while fostering collaboration, networking, teamwork, trust, mutual respect, accountability, and support among its participants.


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Our Programs

The Method

How and Why Mentoring Method™ Works

We create scalable and cross-functional peer-mentoring groups from within your organization. In between each online module, the peer-mentoring groups meet virtually or in person to discuss how the module impacts them personally using a custom participant guide that details the exact steps the participants need to maximize their experience. Together, they mentor one another on how they can implement these new skills within their unique corporate culture.

These safe, confidential environments provide the support structure needed to transform online learning into real life

What Is Different About Mentoring Method™?

Our mentor matching algorithm matches participants based on how unalike they are since we fundamentally believe in the power of diverse thinking to drive innovation. Traditionally, mentor matches are made based on how alike people. We already experience enough similarity bias in the workplace and we don’t want our mentoring programs encouraging that behavior.

Although our technology can match 1:1, we suggest peer-mentoring groups of 3-4 instead as it is in these small and intimate environments that we can learn to work across differences and build psychological safety and trust. This is the catalyst for true inclusion.

By adding in critical leadership development curriculum to the peer-mentoring structure, we are able to infuse a learning experience all can benefit from.

We believe everyone is a mentor. By empowering your talent from within to own and share their story we can transform your pipeline from within.

Our proprietary technology has built in accountability features so participants can see easily where their peer-mentoring groups are within your custom content so we achieve 100% completion rates.

Advanced levels of technology security for greater protection.

Full Suite of Capabilities

  • Scalable Technology to Support Efforts

  • Build Inclusive Culture

  • Women's Leadership Development

  • Peer Mentoring Groups

  • Online Mentoring Programs

  • Leadership Coaching - In Person & Virtual

  • Train the Trainers

  • Custom Training Programs Available

72% of respondents would leave or may consider leaving an organization for a more inclusive one.

Who is This Program For?

This program is for leading organizations looking for an innovative approach to diversity and inclusion that leverages the power of mentorship and leadership development to foster collaboration, networking, trust, accuontability, and support among its rising leaders.

About Us

Our Story

Mentoring Method™ was developed out of frustration. As the creators of Women Evolution®, we witnessed first-hand how incredibly difficult it is to experience long term sustainable results with diversity efforts. At our current pace, it will take over 200 years before women will reach parity with men in the workplace. It is even longer for any other facet of diversity. This is not good enough.

What we discovered was that until there is a workplace culture that recognizes, values, and leverages authentic leadership – these initiatives will never make a true long-term impact.

People need to be valued for their uniqueness and feel like they belong before we can ever see results – this is the definition of inclusion.

An inclusive culture is the critical first step required before we can achieve diversity in gender, race, ethnicity, culture, LGBTQIA+, and more within senior leadership positions.

Our desperate search for a scalable and sustainable technological solution to creating inclusive workplace cultures led us to realizing that one did not exist, and it was going to be up to us to create one.

Thank you for finding us and we look forward to having an exploratory conversation with you to see your goals for diversity and inclusion this year and how we may be able to get you there faster.

Schedule your exploratory conversation here.

Our Vision

We envision a world where in every workplace everyone is valued for their uniqueness and feels like they belong. It is only in these environments that true diversity of thought can make it throughout all levels of an organization.

Our Values and Cultures

Integrity – Our credibility lies in following through with our word

Innovation - Versatility, creativity, and awareness drives our expansion

Inclusiveness – Valuing individuality makes us stronger

Inspiration – We strive to create a legacy that leaves the workplace better than we found it

Initiative – Taking personal responsibility holds us accountable for our actions

Executive Team

Shavon Lindley

Founder & CEO

Shavon is an award-winning career development and mentorship strategist specializing in the advancement of diversity and inclusion initiatives in typically male dominated fields. She is the creator of Women Evolution® and Inclusion 360°™, and as a Forbes Contributor and former host of the “The CEO Show” on ESPN she has interviewed over 200 executives and discovered exactly what is needed to move up within an organization.

Shavon’s magnetic personality and ground-breaking research has her speaking at Boeing, California Diversity Conference, MGM Women’s Leadership Conference 2016, American Resort Development Association 2016, Training 2015, and the California Women’s Conference

Christina Asbaty


Christina has served as Chief Operating Officer for Mentoring Method since its creation. Christina comes with over 10 years of experience in commercial real estate including sales strategy, leadership and business development. Christina is a long-time champion of diversity and inclusion, noticing that the commercial real estate industry is largely male dominated, she has always sought out to support, empower and mentor women in any capacity that she can.

Christina was recognized by Women of Distinction magazine in 2015, where she was featured in an article detailing her rise as a female broker in the commercial real estate industry and was nominated as a Woman of Influence in San Diego in 2017. Christina is naturally entrepreneurial, always coming up with ways to improve a product or create a new one, and has a passion for cooking, live music and traveling the world. She is on the Del Mar Farmers Market non-profit board and loves to be a part of the community.

Jenn Labin

Chief Mentoring Officer

For over 15 years, Jenn Labin has been dedicated to sharing her conviction that powerful mentoring is one of the most effective ways to grow talent and ignite potential. As Chief Mentoring Officer at Mentoring Method, Jenn has been the guiding force behind building impactful mentoring and mentor training programs across a wide spectrum of organizations, including large private sector businesses, government/military operations, higher-education institutions and non-profit organizations.

Jenn is the author of Mentoring Programs That Work, a unique approach to building scalable and sustainable mentoring programs within any organization. She also authored Real World Training Design, a visual quick-guide for creating exceptional training opportunities within tight budgets and timelines. Jenn contributed to the ASTD Handbook, 2nd Edition and has been published in the Pfeiffer Annual: Consulting Journal three times, including her white paper on “5 Steps to Engagement: Simple and Practical Methods for Implementing an Employee Engagement Initiative”. Jenn’s work can also be found in 101 Ways to Make Training Active, How to Write Terrific Training Materials, and the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD, now ATD) Trainer’s Toolkit app. She is a regular presenter at the Association for Talent Development (ATD) International Conference and Expo, as well as numerous ATD chapters.

Mark Mahin

VP, Business Development

Mark has served as VP of Business Development for Mentoring Method and Women Evolution since 2016. One of Mark’s greatest gifts is his ability to identify opportunities to improve upon within an organization, collaborating effectively to achieve strategic business goals. With 20 years of corporate experience he has honed the ability to give perspective to companies unable to identify areas of innovation. He joined Women Evolution after leaving a promising career at a global 500 company. It is there he identified the integral need for large corporations to invest strategically into leadership development. His valuable insight and management experience enables him to support companies goals by helping to build and support their unique talent and organizational development systems.

Building an inclusive culture is the foundation of any company seeking long term growth and sustained profits. From recruiting to retention, from employee appreciation to improved revenues. Inclusion is the cornerstone we must all build upon.

In his free time Mark is either sharing his culinary skills and wine appreciation with family and friends or spending it outside with his Dressage trainer wife and their horse Wieco.

Lynae Watkins

Business Development Manager

Lynae Watkins joins Mentoring Method after a successful 10 year career in hospitality sales. Lynae specializes in client relationship building and brings her strong communication skills to the team. Lynae is solution oriented and excels in listening and learning about her clients' challenges, discussing and exploring creative ideas, and providing solutions to meet the desired goal of the respective companies.

Lynae is inspired by discovering people's diverse backgrounds and their unique traits and believes there is always an opportunity to learn from other perspectives. In her free time, Lynae enjoys entertaining family and friends and exploring San Diego with her husband, two little girls and labrador retriever.

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